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Now this is a very different feature. I've photographed a few of my friends with "Shh" on their fingers and placed upon their mouth so I wanted to see how many other people had the same idea or close to it. What I want you to do is, comment here or on my profile and tell me which one you think I should draw! Oh and I've also included drawings in this feature too.

Shh by ZaratopsOops! by lidaCshh.. II by pelinnkilicI say shhh shh by wickediniiShh. by sa-photographsshh... by alyssaliana:thumb118088466:Shh... by MeckiShh... by VelvetRedBulletShh by tjackpounderShh... 2 by I-love-cupcakesShh, he's coming. by Tharwaithielshh by mad-x-hatterShh by ivory-roseShh... by Danime33Shh by MayweatherShh by MaVielleEdith by bittersweetvenomShhh... by crdean7672speak no evil by mynameisscribblerS h u s h by Fragile-Eyes-FictionQuiet by lAliusl:thumb182524074:Mouth Shut by machihuahuaNot a Word by bittersweetvenomshh. by MissMinaContemplating Secrets by Twilight-Darlingsecret by StokedSweetness72Shirt 2 by KatieJadeShh... by Segatooo:thumb269638518::thumb269637913:shh, don't tell a soul. by ryussei23sshhh... by picolada:thumb274764416::thumb142560622:i051 - whisperer by SlevinAarondo not say a word by poivreThe sound of the waves by phoenixgraphixstudioManiosha by KralikSetiteshhh... by Undrtheskysoblue:thumb141996808:Hush by MetalMooCow:thumb190852516:Shh two by IamWolfeCan You Keep A Secret? by JoJoElizabeth:thumb122338547:Shhh. by darkwathershhh.. by DaRk-HeAvEn-717We Need Silence by RoyleDelusionBeautiful Disaster by twilightlovuuhhhmodern 2 by JabinQuakenShh by shmegl:thumb263010850:Shh _original by Zaratops_ by raklitorgeeShh . . . by HobbsPoptimist:thumb302583908:Ending The Silence by xALLIExxKALIx
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finedzyn Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i like the first one! it kinda just screams "JENNA" - a kind of, if i seen this while out and about i would think of you :P
VelvetRedBullet Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Student Photographer
haha! thanks :D XD
stow Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
perfect..!! thanks for share.. :)
VelvetRedBullet Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Student Photographer
your very welcome :)
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April 3, 2012


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